Budapest Hostels

Jump In Hostel
Jump In Hostel in Budapest is one of the most prominent hostels in Hungary. It is just 10 minutes walk away from Jewish museum and Archives and the Hungarian National Museum. More Info

Iskola 2.0 Hostel
The hostel is very clean and is carpeted in most of the places, including the rooms. The rooms are very comfortable with white walls, some of them having interesting artwork like the periodic table or even letters of the English alphabet. More Info

Basilica Hostel
If we look at the actual hostel, then the first thing that hits you is that there is more than enough space and that the staff themselves are open and friendly from the moment you walk in the door. The staff do seem to have a good grip on their city with them being able to guide you towards main things to see and do no matter what your preferences may be. More Info

Marco Polo Top Hostel
Individual travelers, small or large groups alike will find their preferred room type, whether private or shared. There’s single, bright and comfy twin, triple (twin room + extra sofa bed), quad or 12-bed dorms with own lockers and dedicated bathrooms. More Info

Colors Budapest Hostel
The perfect location, nice and clean rooms, cozy atmosphere without feeling too crowded, friendly staff, colorful people, thrilling programs and activities, and great value for your money. There’ll be no worries on accommodation, for everything is kept simple and affordable, just how a hostel should be. More Info